Services of van rental

Our portfolio of services is constantly extended by those services that we think might be just right for you in addition to renting a van. Short-term rentals, rentals with repurchase or cargo taxis, all our portfolio draws from the solid backbone of our main service - rental of vans.

Rental of vans

New and quality utility vehicles

One of the benefits that we take pride in. Our fleet of vehicles contains only vans no more than 36 months old. Our rental company performs regular authorized service and revision of all vehicles. Accordingly, the perfect technical condition of our vehicles is guaranteed. It goes without saying that all vehicles are clean from the inside and outside. Even moving and other activities related to utility vehicles can be done proudly and with a certain amount of comfort.

Proper insurance, including a substitute vehicle

All vehicles have an appropriate insurance cover. Liability, collision and assistance insurance complies with requirements placed on car rentals.
If the vehicle you have rented from us is damaged or immobile, we will deliver to you a substitute vehicle in the shortest time possible. Leave the worry about the insured event to us.

Delivery of vehicles

If you are unable to pick up the rented van or personal car from our establishment, please feel free to contact us, and by mutual agreement, we will deliver your van or car anywhere in Prague FREE OF CHARGE, also at the weekend or on bank holidays.

Unlimited kilometers

In case you plan to go on a long journey, give an estimate of the kilometers traveled when calculating, we do not limit the number of kilometers traveled. The system calculates the discounted price with respect to the kilometers traveled. However, if you want to rent a delivery only for local removals or for shorter trips, the calculator will reduce the price according to the rental period.

Long-term rental

Perhaps you wish to rent a van for a period spanning over a number of months or even years. No problem! We act along the line that the longer the rental period is the more suitable conditions the customer should be offered. Do not hesitate and contact us for individual conditions that will fit your needs.

Rental of a van and a driver

You may feel that driving a large van is not your thing or perhaps you would do with some help for loading and unloading the cargo. In that case, use our service “rental of a van with a driver”, which can be used for more days and, naturally, also for journeys abroad.

All equipment is lent free of charge

Do you wish to rent a personal vehicle or van for specific activities and you lack particular equipment? We will be delighted to lend all equipment needed, such as:

  • GPS navigation
  • Handling technology for racks
  • Luggage boxes
  • Car seats for children
  • Walkie trucks
  • Other devices as needed

Cooperation with insurance companies

Have you had an accident or your vehicle has broken down? We will provide a substitute car – our van rental cooperates with leading Czech insurance companies. Leave the worry to us.

Damage of your car

If your car is damaged/immobile, we will provide a substitute car from our fleet of vehicles and help you attend to formalities in procedures conducted with insurance companies.

Damage of a rented van

If the vehicle you have rented from us is damaged/immobile, we will arrange for a substitute vehicle in the shortest time possible.


Can’t decide whether you should buy or rent a van? Use our “Operative Leasing” service. We will agree to a trial rental period. This offer includes both a short-term and long-term rental – by individual agreement. You will be able to try out the operation of the vehicle in practice. If you find the vehicle suitable, we will agree to repurchase at a bargain price, regular payments and way of crediting the payments.

This process, which, due to its complexity, must be adjusted to every customer’s requirements and expectations, is subject to an individual agreement.

Please contact us e.g. at number +420 777 905 100 and we will surely strike a deal!

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