Conditions of vehicle rental

Terms of lease vehicles are simple and transparent for both parties

What you need to rent a vehicle?

  • ID card
  • Driving license B, at least 1 year
  • 3. identity card
  • Company:Trade license, certificate of incorporation
  • Refundable deposit : 10.000,- to 40.000,- CZK

Prices includes

  1. Accident insurance
  2. Liability insurance (MTPL)
  3. Tolls in the Czech Republic and road tax
  4. Assistance services – a replacement vehicle in the event of a malfunction or accident (accommodation, towing)
  5. Kilometers entered in the calculation


How old are vans which you lend?

All vehicles that we borrow are at a maximum of 36 months old.

Are vehicles insured throughout Europe ?

Yes, they are.

Does the price includes an unlimited mileage?

The price per kilometer is included in the price of the car rental. We do not limit your mileage assumption. If you drive more than you expected, we will calculate the price when returning according to the actual mileage.

Is it enough to have a driving license B for MB Sprinter 20 m3?

Yes, its total weight is maximally 3500kg.

Can i park a vehicle on your parking?

Yes, and it is free.

Do you have a question?

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    Contact information

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